A Refreshing Service for Lawyers That Doesn’t Price Gouge

I’ve been building the complete web presence for companies now for well over a decade. In all those years, those in law have greatly proven to be the best clients in virtually every way. They have great: professionalism, communication skills, attention to detail, they usually know what they want, pay well, and pay on time. For a web guy like me, that’s a massive amount of boxes to be able to check that make my life so much better and easier.

With that said, I’m really not sure why it took me so long to get around to offering a service built specifically around lawyers. And so, here it is, LawyerWEB. In no way have I come up with anything original here; there are a lot of services dedicated to lawyers. However, looking around at the way things are done, I feel that coming in with fresh eyes so to speak, that I can offer a refreshing execution on the whole premise.


There are no contracts. We don’t lock you into anything. We don’t hold your data hostage within any kind of proprietary system. You own and control your website completely, in every way.


WordPress is the most popular and supported way to build a website in the known universe. So why should you use anything else? All of our themes, plugins, tools, and services are built around WordPress and open source methodologies in general.


Just because you’re a lawyer, we don’t presume that you must make the big bucks and automatically take that as justification to come from a position of how much money we can squeeze out of you. We’re just getting started, but please browse our current offerings:

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